Quick announcement for Balenciaga

  1. Apparently the eBay finds section was a flop, despite the previous success of the Achtung Balenciaga section in the past.

    So we've just decided to permit eBay auction discussion again. Feel free to post away, preferably in the Shopping section.

  2. thanks vlad!
  3. Thank you Vlad! I was a bit sad that I was the only one who posted on it! So this is really good news!!!
  4. Thanks so much, Vlad!
  5. lol! You were the lone soldier.

    Vlad, I think things are slower right now, more than last year this time... I appreciate the gesture. For me, the forum just works the way it is now, maybe others are feeling the same. That includes ALL the great improvements to the forum, the great organization, the new reference material and of course, the new mods.

    Thanks guys!
  6. Thanks, I didn't dare to post because I didn't want to do anything wrong w/regard to the strict eBay rules, I was very surprised to find that ebay section lol!! :lol:
  7. Yay!!!
  8. Thank you, vlad!!!
  9. ITA!!!!:p
  10. Thank you Vlad!!!
  11. Vlad, I too did not post there because after all the past issues with the Achtung section I thought that it was some kind of "test" to verify that we are good TPFers... :nuts:
  12. Thanks Vlad!
  13. Many thanks Vlad!!! :flowers:
  14. Thank you Vlad!!!!
  15. Thanks Vlad!