Quick and instant reveal!

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    Ok so no cute stories, drawn out guessing games or fancy introductions. I did a really quick (1St youtube) video as well. The bag was my Mother's Day gift and the rest was JUST BECAUSE. It's been awhile since I've shared on the PurseForum but here's my reveal! Have a good weekend everyone!

    P.s. If you live in Az, and happen to be in the market for anything, Go see Stacey Gilbert in the Scottsdale Fashion Square! She is the BEST SA EVER!!!!!!! IMG_1495236907.212709.jpg
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  2. Great haul, Congratulations!!!
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  3. Whoa!! Now that's a Mother's Day haul!! It's all so pretty. My kids pooled their pennies and found a gorgeous clean pre loved cabas mezzo for me. I love my neverfulls but I needed something that zipped with wider straps for travel and they were actually paying attention this time to my rambling. My kids have "selective" hearing, so I'm rather impressed.
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  4. Thank you so much!
  5. Yeah I have to literally tell my daughter exactly what I want and she relays it to my husband! I see women showing things that their husbands or children picked out and I get jealous. The last time they picked out something for me everyone's feelings were hurt. Mine because it was so "different"(that's how I say ugly nicely) and theirs because I returned it
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  6. Congrats!
  7. thank you!
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  8. Congratulations!!! Stacy is my SA too! She's amazing!
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  9. This is why I now prefer cash!! My husband used to buy me things that made zero sense SO I eventually involved my oldest daughter by telling her EXACTLY what I want too. Shes the only kid who cares and the one behind my new to me cabas mezzo tote. Now he just tells her to go get whatever it is I want, couldn't care less about the cost so long as he didn't have to actually drive or get online. So lazy........I always thank her first in private because she's the one who made sure my gift was up to snuff, not him.
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  10. Beautiful collection- I love how you mixed some regular DA pieces with some SLGs in Tahitienne. It's so fresh and pretty- enjoy!
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  11. Gorgeous!
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  12. Gorgeous!
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  13. She is the best! I would be so sad if she ever left!
  14. Aww thank you! I always buy plain items, then jazz it up w/fancy charms, fobs or bandeaus. It's so much fun! Its a way to somewhat personalize the bag!
  15. Thank you so much!