Quick Advise needed!!

  1. Ok so I am in my last week of classes and I literally have like 8 papers to write that are due NOW....I am totally not anywhere near done and I need to finish at least three of them by today (end of day) and email them in. Then I have a 15 pager due this week plus 3 more. (I WANT TO DIE) anyhoo...I have class today and my attendance is good and if i got to class I will have to go in empty handed orrrrrr I can stay hope and write papers all day and miss two classes

    WAHT DO I DO?!?!:confused1::crybaby:


  2. I think you should stay home and DO YOUR PAPERS! Don't go online, because if you do you will not do them trust me!!!!!!! Take little brakes too because you will get frustrated! Good luck!
  3. BTW i have had 3 hrs sleep due to working all night on this one paper that is making me want to drop out of school
  4. stay home and do your papers. i can't even count the times i've skipped school to DO school work. turn off the tv, limit distractions, and get to writing.

    i researched and wrote a 20-page paper (with a page and a half of citations) in 12 hours last monday. it's doable. focus!

  5. I'm happy I'm not alone! My mom would kill me if she knew I would not go to class to finish my paper!

  6. Take a deep breath! I know how you feel! I'm a Junior at a state university, and believe me it's getting to me! I just want to be out of school already! You are not alone!
  7. WOW AMANDA!!! your my idol!! I have been working on one since 7AM I want to get it done but I dont get it

    cvs thanks for the advice!!! I think I am going to stay home bc if I dont I will never finish
  8. Thank you for saying that!!! I literally feel like I hate school right now, and im a school person.....SERIOUSLY RETHINKING grad school as of now, at least the major i was picking
  9. Haha...when I was in college I was in your shoes every term...I love philosophy...every class was writing intensive, i wrote more 15-20 page papers than I can count. But the procrastinating, I argued, just made me better under pressure! hahaha...
    but don't give up grad school on account of your finals right now...it gets better!