quick advice please!!! i am about to go out! rop

  1. hello! i am about to leave and might go to the LV store on my journies :p
    i really want a wapity, but please give me some advice on which MC to get? or should i get the mono?

    i already have 2 white MC items-alma and pochette.

    the other purse i have is a mono perfo speedy.

    do i really need a white MC? or should i get black since i have no black items? or is mono good? its cheaper! but not necessarily cuter for me.

    any advice is really appreciated. thanks!:heart:
  2. Get black MC. It's sooo effing cute!!! :smile:
  3. i like white better, but if you like also the black mc then get this one
  4. it is so cute!
  5. Black ;)
  6. Black is so cute & then you won't have to worry about it getting dirty so easily
  7. I'd get black since you already have some white in your collection.
  8. Black, white, and mono are all cute, u can't go wrong! Check them all out in the store. If you can spend the extra $60 get the MC.
  9. black! it looks really pretty with a patina!
  10. thanks for all ur advice, at least now i am leaning towards the black! :biggrin:
  11. Another vote for black!