Quick advice please - how to use collonil gel on silky snake?

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  1. Okay, I'm going to sound like a complete ignoramus, but here goes! I have acquired a nude silky snake bag which needs a bit of tlc mainly with some scales lifting and looking a bit dirty underneath (though that may actually just be the colour of the exposed leather?) It's the kind of ss with some really small scales, which are the main culprits for lifting. I'm not especially expecting to 'fix' the lifting scales, more to minimise the problem and prevent it getting worse. I remember reading some people on here (Moo, I think? among others) saying they used the collonil gel, so I got some, but it doesn't really come with instructions.

    So, how do I use it? Should I apply with fingers or something else? How much to use? Do a bit at a time or put all over and leave to soak in before rubbing off any excess? With the ss, I assume you need to 'follow the grain' as it were, but other than that I am feeling totally clueless!

    Any and all help greatly appreciated! As a true procrastinator, I've totally left this to the last minute as I *MUST* do this today before catching a flight to Malta at oh-dark-hundred tomorrow morning!:lol: Many thanks, ladies!
  2. I actually use lord Sheraton. It's a bit thicker. Little bit at a time, with a cloth, in the direction of the scales and wipe gently off in the same direction.
  3. Thank you! Do you wipe it off as you go (ie put on, wipe off, put on next bit, wipe off), or put it on all over a bit at a time, then wipe it off all over a bit at a time? Do you wipe off straight away or wait for a bit first? (Sorry for so many questions!)
  4. Little bit at a time and wipe off.
    I don't know if I'm right but seems ok.
  5. Thank you! :smile:
  6. Hi Poly,

    You need to work the gel into the leather, not wipe it off. It works by moisturising the leather, so just like body lotion for bags, work it into the leather following the grain of the scales.

  7. I've found Leather Revive for the Furniture Clinic to be brilliant. You can buy a really large bottle. I just swamp mine in it and leave to absorb overnight or when dry.

    I have always used it on my Silky Snake bags and never had a problem with lifting scales

    It works out far cheaper than Collonil
  8. Hi, I'm new here but have been browsing the posts for a few days now, it's been very instructive! :smile: I have just bought a SS Bays (a bit of an impulse!) and have only then read the issues the leather being quite fragile and the scales lifting. My bag being from an outlet it's not pristine but it's still in pretty good shape. Some of the scales have however started to lift slightly and I'm set on taking preventive action! My Collonil order is on its way (spray & gel) but I'm unsure how often should I gel/spray it?
    Will now try to attach a few pics for you to see. Mooshooshoo your advice will be greatly appreciated, I know from other threads that you've been a proud SS owner for a few years now! :smile:

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  9. Welcome to the forum Silkycy :smile:

    I use a dry terry cloth (flannel) to apply collonil gel. Apply a little at a time and simply work it into the leather following the pattern of the scales. I tend to apply more to any problem areas or where the bag will get wear, such as corners and handles.

    Collonil waterstop is for sealing the leather to prevent liquid or dirt getting into the leather, so if you apply that first it defeats the object of trying to moisturise the leather with the gel. It is a fantastic product though and I get through large amounts! I usually finish off with a couple of coats.

  10. Hi Mooshooshoo, thanks for the info :smile: I meant how often a month do you treat your SS? I was thinking it should be the gel first and then the spray, too, but better be sure ;) Does the gel take a while to absorb, how long should I leave it before spraying? Thanks again for the help!
    I'm planning on "babying" it as much as possible, I want to keep it forever! :heart::nuts:
  11. It depends how often you use it. I don't use mine that often, so tend to treat them each time they get used. Every month should be enough, unkess the leather is looking particularly dry. Be sure to store it away from any heat sources or direct sunlight. :tup:
  12. Aah, that's probably best, I suppose, not to overuse it... I don't know if I can be that sensible though! :lol: Have you managed to keep yours free from damaged scales?
    OK, I guess I'll keep a close eye on it to make sure the leather doesn't look dry! I have freed some closet space to store it safely ;)
    Thanks again!