Quick Advice Needed!denim Spy!

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  1. I have the denim spy....available for ONLY 1100!!!!!with a coupon..:yes:

    Havent seen it IRL?What do u think..SHOULD I BUY IT>??????????????
    is it CUTE IRL????
    I need yer help!LOL!
  2. Jill, I think you can see a pic of it on styledrops.com I'm not a big fan of denim bags though.
  3. I found it thru BLUEFLY........i have a pic of it..I like denim...i just want it to b squishy!is it a smushy bag?ANYONE?
  4. I had one in my cart but I'm torn between the denim spy and denim chanel ... sigh
  5. The denim Chanel was too big on me..LOL..been there!!!
  6. Jill - I'm not sure I would get this bag. The reason why is the denim isn't a pure soft squishy denim. It's coated with some sort of protective coating. I do think it'll get softer with use. I saw it at Fendi a few months ago. The nappa spies are much better. I know you've been wanting this bag, so it might be worth the splurge, especially since Bluefly has a decent return policy. ;)
  7. ^Is it a firm fabric?
  8. No, it's not firm, but it has this coating on it that makes it a little slick. Just think what your denim would feel like if someone went a little scotchguard crazy on it. The one on BF doesn't have the sheen that the one I saw in rl had. That's what turned me off to it.
  9. I have seen it in real life and it's very rough. It seems like a good deal but material itself is not worth $1000. If it goes on sale like the Moncler for $499, then maybe.
  10. Jill, which one are you referring to? Based on feedbacks here, there seem to be different versions of denim Spys.

    I saw some denim Spys & Baby Spys (light blue with white handles) at Fendi boutique and Neiman Marcus a while back, they were okay (not rough/firm at all). I prefer the ones made of nappa leather though.
  11. Jill, is it this Spy which you are referring to? or is it the new Dark Denim Spy?? The Stripey Spy which I have has quite slouchy fabric and hangs really nicely when on the shoulder....in fact it sits much better than my leather Spies because the fabric sits closer to the body! It's a great bag for the summer! The new Dark Denim Spy does have a stiffer fabric...like jeans, dark denim is always a little more stiff than bleached/lighter denim. Hope this helps!

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  12. the denim chanel is nicer then the denim spy .. saw both in person and i'd chose the chanel over the spy
  13. I love the denim spy. I actualyy have the denim spy hobo. It's really nice and looks great in the spring summer months.
  14. I've seen the denim spy irl and i don't like it all. I wouldn't get it if i were you.
  15. I was just debating this as well ... I saw the denim spy on Bluefly and thought it was a great price especially if you add the 15% or 20% discount. Holt Renfrew here is selling that same spy for $2200CAD:tdown: Somehow I just can't spend over $1000 for a denim bag, I ended buying a Balenciaga instead.