Quick advice: Ink or grenat-HELP!!

  1. My husband was at Barneys today (he is out of town/no Barneys where I live). He looked at Balenciagas for me and I told him to check out ink and grenat. He went ahead and bought ink and is having it shipped. It is not too late to change my mind as the SA has not boxed it up yet. She told him INK was most popular and so he went with it. However, a lot of you really seem to adore grenat. The SA asked him if I wore a lot of burgundy, he said no and she said, then go with ink. But my intention with this bag is to be a fun bag with a little pop. I could also have her send me both so I can see them IRL and then choose one, if that is the best idea. But would love opinions on which is fun, casual, popular and versatile!

  2. they're both gorgeous colors (i've got 1 of each), so you can't go wrong :tender:...if it's not too much trouble, have her send you both...that way, you can see them IRL & pick your favorite :yes:...let us know what you decide!!!
  3. 0o0o0o0o INK bag!!!! totally love the INK!!!! :wlae:
  4. The ink is such a beautiful versatile color, but I like the Grenat a lot, too. lol. Sorry I'm no help. lol. That would be great if you could get both and choose the one you like better in person.:yes:
  5. I'm not a Grenat fan so Ink for me!
  6. p.s. here's my beloved grenat city, so you can see the color :love:
    DSCF2727 REV2.jpg
  7. Ink!!!
  8. Ink...:smile:
  9. I love it that your DH goes bag shopping for you - what a sweetie. :heart:
  10. gotta vote for ink :love:
  11. GRENAT :tender:
  12. Ink! :smile:
  13. the grenat def pops more against upcoming darker fall wardrobes .. (i have one) and it gives an outfit a lil colour without being super bright... the ink is a gorgeous colour .. but i feel it does get a little lost... ironically i saw one today being carried by a chick in beverly hills and i almost didnt even see it!
  14. I vote for Ink!
  15. I love both colors...but i'd go ahead and ask the SA to send you both and then you can pick which one best suites your wardrobe.Goodluck and let us know which one you choose.:jammin: