Quick ? about sending your shipment to a Coach store

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  1. Do they always HAVE to open the box? Is there a way i can have them not open it? I never had a shipment sent to a Coach store and they just told me they are going to be opening it for me. I don't feel comfortable with that. Is this normal? I prefer to open MY box MYSELF. The manager was being such a d*ck...he was asking me why do i want to open it up myself. WTF? because it's my package! I don't get it. I don't need to have it in a shopper bag. I don't want them handling my purse before i do. I'm so irritated. Can i do anything about this? Let me know ASAP. If it is possible for them to not open my box then i will be calling again!
  2. No, they don't need to open your box. When I get something shipped to the store I request that they not touch it!! As you stated, it's YOUR package and you want the excitement of opening it. I don't like my stuff handled when I am not present, I don't even like it when I AM present!! Tell them to leave it sealed.
  3. thanks sagranch! i'm waiting on the manager to call me back because he said he has to call his district manager. i have no idea why though! why is it hard for them to not open my package. wth is wrong with them?!! I'm so annoyed and frustrated. I really don't want my package to be opened. I have a feeling that won't give a d*mn of what i said and will open it regardless.
  4. weird... it posted twice, read the post below.
  5. I had my hat shipped to the store; when the SA peeked in the bag she said "I'm surprised no one opened it! We're usually nosy!" It was cute how she said it (they were excited) but i could see where it would bother people
  6. Yea, they opened my Lily and I was PISSED! You should be able to request they NOT open the box.

    I think they would have to have you open it before you leave just to check the contents since they signed for the package!
  7. I Dont Know Why They Open It But I Had A Bag Ship To The Store And They Open The Box And Put It In A Shopping Bag, I Dont Think They Open The Brown Box Because Mine Still Had The Bow On It
  8. Ok looks like no matter what they will have to open it. I already requested for them to not open it. I called another store and talked to the manager regarding this situation and they told me they do that so they wouldn't confuse the box as a shipment for them and yada yada. They said they open it so they can put it in a shopper bag and set it by the front counter so it would be separate from other bags. IDK, the manager said a bunch of bull and i could care less of what their reason is. I don't want my box opened. NEVER again will i send my purchases to a coach store. Ugh!!
  9. It may be only SAs get that courtesy (of not having the packages opened).

    I don't mind if that happens that much, but I'm not sure I like that they let other customers look at and try the bag on when there are no other bags like it in the store...and they do! I've seen the way some women let their kids play with (and abuse) bags in the store. I'll probably receive flack from mothers here on this one, but honestly, this really bugs me. The SAs never say anything about it either. I saw this happen a few weeks ago, and the kid was pulling the bags on lower tables off and into the floor while dragging them, and nobody said anything about it. The mother was completely ignoring the situation. So my fear in this case is that a kid with sticky fingers will touch my newly ordered bag or scratch it, LOL! A couple of the stores I routinely visit have let me try on bags that people have ordered and are in the back, so I think this is very common. I almost don't even like to touch a bag that's brought out for me to look at if I know it's someone's order! I admit I've bought display bags before, though, so I guess it doesn't really bother me THAT much, LOL!!

    I think overall I would rather them get the order RIGHT...and if they open it up, or you do, then you know that what you walk out with is the right item. That happened to me a few days ago with a wristlet, and it was an extra trip to a local store for me to exchange. I made a vow never to leave the mall before checking that what is in my bag is the right thing. I guess they would make you open the box anyway at the store, but at least you would be doing it. Every order I have ever had sent to the store had already been opened and was wrapped in tissue paper and in a shopping bag waiting for me.
  10. When I was in the store a couple weeks ago they had received a bag for someone who had it sent to the store. They were all passing it around admiring it and I thought that it was kinda rude. The funny thing is that I had my Eugenia Tattersall hat sent there yesterday and I didn't even think about it until reading this post. Great!!
  11. that is what bothers me. other people handling my bag before i even touch it. oh well, if something happens its on their butts! haha. they said before they had issues where a customers shipment got mixed up with the coach store shipment and they opened it up and put it on display. whatever their reason is i don't care. lesson learned! never again. the manager was so stupid too, asking me why do i want to open my box myself...what a idiotic question.
  12. I've done ship to store several times and had the impression the order was being filled from the store's stock. Especially when I place an order at 8:00 am and receive a call to come pick it up at 10:15.

    I do it to save time - order - get email - walk in - get shopping bag.
  13. my order was not filled from the store's stock. this bag had to be ordered from JAX. they don't have it in stores yet.
  14. You know....Now that I think about it - I've done the ship to store option with REI and they've NEVER opened the packages.
  15. When I picked up my Lily she was in a gift-box, but I was surprised because I just wanted them to hand me my box.

    If I EVER saw my new bag from JAX on display behind the counter where people (SAs or customers) were fondling on it, my BFF would need to get on a plane or DH [or one of you that lives within driving distance :graucho:] would need to come bail me out because for CERTAIN I would get taken out in cuffs!

    Okay, maybe I am kidding about the bail money but CERTAINLY I would not be welcome in that store again because someone would get cussed out. And I REALIZE that if I take home a store display in most cases they have been fawned over, but I didn't have to WAIT for FedEx to deliver that one and I always scrutinize them before I decide to take home.