quick ? about EGC thru mail

  1. So...I recieved my new jumbo a few days ago thru Saks but there was no EGC....did this happen to anyone else?? I haven't called the SA yet because I was giving him a few days to send it seperate but why do they even do that? can't they send it together??? TIA.
  2. Not me , I got my bag and inside was my gift card... call your SA and find out, maybe he forgot tp put them in??
  3. WHich store??NYC store is the only one I know of that sends the EGC seperately...and MOST of the time.,.They screw it up and forget to send it!if its NY store..Call the CS dept....I had to many times..Its a PITA!
  4. I didn't think mine came either and after searching through the bag found it in a zippered compartment...look everywhere and if it isn't there just call the SA and they should rectify the situation
  5. thanks Jill..it WAS from the NYC store. I will call:hrmm:..how annoying.
  6. This happened to me too with the Saks in NYC last year. I had to call SO many times, and finally received it after waiting forever. You just have to stay on top of it and keep calling.
  7. I know that SAks FL. sends the EGC through certified mail as well.
  8. the SA told me the EGC will come separtely
  9. Sorry, what's EGC?
  10. I also ordered a flap from NY saks. It arrived today, no EGC inside. The SA said it's a reissue 255 size, but it looks like a hybrid to me. It's not in a good condition, coz I saw some scratch on the inner side. I have to return it to local Saks. But, there's no price tag attached, and no original receipt, I only got a gift receipt and a return lable. Don't know if the local saks can make the refund back to my credit card, will give them a call though.
  11. The prior EGC, I purchased through Saks Beverly Hills and they send the gift receipt with the bag and two weeks later I got the EGC and the regular receipt. My SA told me that some stores will send the EGC separately while others will send it with the bag. This EGC, Saks Boca Raton sent with the bag the EGC with both receipts. HTH.
  12. I got my EGC in the box with the purse. My receipts are stamped EGC also. Is your receipt stamped?
  13. Mine are from Saks TX, the EGC in the box and the receipt stamped.
  14. I'll see about this, I ordered from Saks NY as well, and was told EGC will be shipped separately.
  15. I did not get mine either and my receipt was not stamped. I need to call the SA.