QUICK~ ABC News is going to have Fake vs Real bag

  1. ON in a few minutes. PUT IT ON!

    Its coming up soon, they have a Manhatten LV GM for comparison!
  2. I'm watching :smile: .
  3. So Cool!! Watch!
  4. OMG!! Its so damn obvious which one is fake...they are stupid!
  5. LOL I love the fake websites stating that they didnt know.

    And the reporter doing her Bobby Trendy "Luxurious" leather! LOL

    Good story. Liked seeing all those bags!
  6. Ew did you see that one anchor say the fake was good enough for her! GAG!
  7. I kind of want a manhatten GM now.
  8. That was a cheaply made replica,I have seen a couple that were so damn close it scared me.
  9. I had a bad experience with mine..but I have read on the Lv forum they have fixed the problem with the Manhattan. It such a gorgeous bag..I think you would get tired of it quick though!!
  10. Dont worry I am not getting one. It will pass! LOL
  11. damnnn i missed this!!! gotta look for an online video
  12. lol she's such a liar!
  13. i'm watching it now online
  14. 20/20 will have a discussion about it too tonight at 10
  15. does anyone have a link so I can watch please ?. Thanks