Quetion on MC belts

  1. I noticed the maximum size is 90 cm..mono, damier and others are up to 100.
    My SA confirmed; do you know why they don't make bigger sizes?:confused1:
  2. I have idea and I am ashamed to say that Shamu (me!) has a 90 that is almost too small...lol. I swear I woke up a few days ago 40 lbs heavier than when I went to bed! LMAO.
    I'm a pretty stout girl now (sz 16-18 at the moment) and my belt does fit, just on the last hole. I wish they made larger but the 90 is supposedly a 36 inch waist (don't quote me cause I'm usually clueless) but I have seen some measurements say it will fit up to 38 I thought?
    I have GOT to diet pronto. I was a size 8 this past summer. That many sizes larger in one year with no pregnancy to blame has got to be a danger to my health! lol