Quetion about a Bottega Veneta bag.....

  1. I've been "hanging out" on purse sites tonight - looking for the perfect purse. I LOVE this bag, but have a question. It gives the measurements as 16 x 6 x 10. I always have seen bags by length (width) x height x depth. Could 10" be the *depth of this bag? That is awfully deep...


    Does the Bottega Veneta site express them in a different way? Anybody know? Thanks in advance.
  2. I have that bag and its not 10" deep. Its more like 5". Not sure why its listed that way.

    Saks.com has it listed at 8"H X 15"L X 4½"W . They have it in white, black and brown.

    Check out the Bottega Veneta thread. Lots of good info on there.
  3. Oh, I love this! Thanks for sharing RowanOak - I have never seen it before. It's a gorgeous bag :heart: