Queston About *stam* Sizes - Please Help!

  1. Hi ladies-

    I need a bit of help. I've been studying Stam bags for the last week since I just purchased my first one and it's not here yet so I've been anxiously looking at others trying to imagine what it will be like when I finally recieve mine. Well I've noticed some varying sizes.. and I'm NOT talking about the baby Stam or Mina Stam. I am only referring to the regular Stam bags.

    Can anyone tell me if there are different sizes of the Stam?? I look at one picture and the bag looks HUGE on someone but then I look at another pic and it looks like a more medium sized bag.. it may just be the angle but I am wondering if anyone has more insight on this? I know I'm not crazy.. I feel like some of the stams I see are not as tall (hight wise)...?

    If anyone needs me to post pics of what I am talking about let me know.. I'm sure I can find a few. Thank you in advance!!
  2. Are you referring to the Stam and the East West Stam?

    Elastic Quilted Stam in blue (#47)

    Elastic Quilted East West Stam in blue (#107)
  3. There is also a smaller version of the Stam called the Kid:

    The elastic quilted Kid in black (#13)
  4. I have three Stams and I took a photo of them next to one another. They look different, because of the newness of each. There is one I have not worn and it is stiffer and looks more upright and larger. My other two are a bit more slouchy, since they have softened up. I think they are all the same size. I would consider it a medium/large bag. It's big, but not huge.
  5. Thank you Melly! I am sure this is the difference I've been seeing. I thought that the E/W Stam always had two smaller zippers on the outside but now that I see that it does come with one zipper I am positive this is what I keep seeing. I tried on a Satm at Neiman's and I think it might be the E/W.. I really liked the size of it and I hope my Patchwork Stam is not too big for me.

    Thank you rorosity for your info as well. Can you by any chance post this picture of your Stams together?
  6. I know what you mean - I've seen a few pics of PFers & their Stams and they look HUGE! But then I see others, and they're not so overly large looking. I just got a Patchwork stam last week and it's actually smaller than I thought a Stam would be. But as soon as I took the tissue out and put a few things inside (I purposely put heavier items inside to see if it would change its appearance), the shape of the bag changed. The bottom dropped down, the sides pulled up - the bag took on an entirely different look/shape with heavier things inside that just tissue (or nothing).

    I also tried "smashing" the bag together and flattening it out (patchwork/quilted bags seem to puff out and hold more air!) & again, this change the way the bag look and its size.

    I think some of the older bags that have been used more regularly are probably softer and hang differently than bags that are newer and probably a little more stiffer. Maybe that's the difference you're seeing in the size

    (I also think the bag looks different on everyone - if you're smaller/shorter, it looks larger - if you're a little bit bigger/taller, it looks smaller)
  7. Here's a pic of Bronze and White Chiffon Stam...I think I may have stuffed the bronze before taking the photo. I have never worn the White Chiffon. They are the same size, but they do look different.

    Here is the Mina:

  8. FYI - -I keep getting a "SIGN ON" to Yahoo when I click on most of your links - I do have a Yahoo a/c, but those who don't may not be able to see the pics
  9. Here's one in particular - Look how HUGE this Patchwork brown Stam looks (esp in the pic hanging on her arm):

    and here's a pic of my Patchwork Stam in Slate - it looks smaller to me:

    And a 1st Season Taupe Stam - I think it's softer leather makes it looks even bigger than it is:
  10. Iluvmybags: I think you hit the nail on the head with your first post. I think that may be it. The newer bags are stiffer and look smaller in my opinion.
    Thank you for posting the pics. Also- that brown patchwork stam looks way bigger than mine too! It must be because of her size or the angle.. it's beautiful though it definitely looks bigger.