Questoin about dust bag

  1. I'm about to buy a red epi pochette online
    the seller show me the dust bag is having a "LV" logo
    but all the dust bag of mine are "LOUIS VUITTON" words

    is there any different?

    please tell me....
  2. Older LV dustbags have a brown LV in middle.
  3. the epi date code is AR 0060

    match the dust bag?
  4. YEs the date code matches the dustbag
  5. Yes. If I'm not mistaken, the newer dustbags with "Louis Vuitton" written out came out in 2004?
  6. I beleive 2004 is correct :P
  7. thank you very much for yours answer

    both John and evil*strawberry
  8. does the dust bags look different from before?
  9. Yes, the old dustbags were a darker tan color. But why don't you post pics of the bag and everything else in the authenticate this thread to get everyone's opinion. :smile: