Questions! :)

  1. What is your favorite wallet that Balenciaga makes? I'm considering buying myself a Monev, but I'm not too sure if that's definitely the one I want.. Any pictures for reference would be great also! :smile:

    And do any of you, by any chance, know how much the Monev (or any of the wallets, for that matter) go for on Aloharag? Thanks a lot! :biggrin:

    Also.. Am I the only person who actually likes when the tassels (tassles?) split?
  2. yup, hmwe gave you the perfect thread to check out wallets. I use the money wallet and LOVE it- it's so perfectly laid out and works wonderfully for me. Love that it has tons of credit card slots, a large but slim zipped coin section, and a main compartment that opens nice and wide. It's great! Highly recommend it.

    Personally it drives me crazy when tassels split- because there are just too many tassels all over the place that get in the way, get tangled, and that I always worry I'll end up ripping off by accident. However, I do remember other people saying that they like their tassels split, and even help the process along!
  3. I read that people complain about it getting scratched easily.. Do you have a lot of experience with this? That's something I think I'd be worried about, but then again, my B-bag hasn't had any problems. Yet. :sad: