questions to ask when custom designing your e-ring

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  1. what are some of the questions that you should *DEfinitely* not forget to ask when you're custom-designing your e-ring?

    I'm asking b/c I realized I forgot to ask about the tcw of the setting and the quality of those diamonds last time I was at the store...:biggrin: help! and this might be helpful for any other PSers out there that are considering custom designing their ring!

    Thank you~!
  2. Ask if they hand design or use computer modelling. Hand designs (from a sketch) don't always ensure the most secure setting for stones, especially if you're doing pave/shared prong or twists. Computer modelling will highlight those weaknesses and lessen the chance of loose/lost stones. If you're doing a straightforward setting, this shouldn't be a problem.

    Ask if you can handpick your stones. How many will you get to choose from? Origins of the certificates.

    Warranty. What happens if it's damaged/lost stone?

    Comfort...if it's an intricate design, there's not going to be much testing in whether or not it's wearable for extended periods. Ask if it ends up being uncomfortable if they offer adjustments.

    Weight of gold. Size of diamonds.

    Oh, and options to upgrade later on (will they buy it back or give credit). Only if you think you might want the option.
  3. Return policy
    what if you hate it or it's not how you envisioned it when it's done?

    warranty? What about lost stones?

    quality of the melee

    Insurance on your center stone when they set it--what happens if they damage your stone?

    Any hidden costs?
  4. Awesome! Thank you :smile: