questions reguaring my birkin...

  1. I removed the plastic on my GH but i want to put it back on so keep it scratch free as long as possiable but can keeping the plastic ruin the gold somehow??

    I was also wondering since the GH is 24k is it soldgold or gold plated(if planted whats underneath) and what is the lock made of i forgot to ask but i know that you ladies will know and last but not least since the skin is clemance will my birkin over time when i place it on a surface get so soft that it will completely collapse, I hope not because right now she has a very very small amount of slouch but is holding her shape very well

    oh and do you ladies condition the skin or do you just send your h bags to the spa for that...

  2. they don't recommend leaving it won't let it breath and it can leave keep it off!
  3. I think the GH is 22K gold-plated. I'm not sure about your other questions though.
  4. lol...i just noticed i misspelled regarding ...ugh and in the title too
  5. Ditto on the plastic, keep it off.
    I read that the secret to keeping the Birkin's shape in a slouchy leather is to put it back on its' cushion into the box, just as she left the atelier in Paris.
  6. Regarding the last question about the spa.. I have 2 clemence birkins of my own. All were bought last year. One has been to the spa over at H Singapore. I wouldnt dare do the conditioning myself, that's just me though. I prefer sending it to H for cleaning and conditioning all together so I know the pros are doing it.

    Clemence is known for its slouchy look. Mine can hardly hold their shape when empty. It's all part of the leather. I like my clemence, the leather is so durable and soft, and it's not easy to get scratches.
  7. How much does it cost to send it to the spa? Is it free or do they charge you depending on what they have to do?
  8. typically $80 total.
  9. I have been charged from $50 to nothing for my spa treatment. I'm picking up my ostrich birkin next week and will let you know about that.

    As to the plastic, my SA says that the plactic will eventually cause a tarnish mark if left on. That being said I purchased a preowned bag that was a couple of years old and it had the plastic still on. All was ok. I still would not risk it - take the plastic off & use that bag.
  10. Gold or gold-plating (if done well, which should be the case for H) does not oxidize or tarnish in normal atmospheric conditions. It does not need to breathe either (no metals do), being one of the most inert metals in normal atmosphere. Any marks left on gold by plastic is from deposits of degraded plastic and may usually be removed using alcohol or acetone (nail polish remover). Alcohol or acetone would not hard the gold in any way, although I cannot say the same for the leather if one happens to touch it. I can say all the above with authority because I happen to be a university professor who teaches metallurgy and some corrosion science.

    Oh... and if it is solid gold, it would never be 24K (too soft), but would likely be 20K or less. I doubt it is solid gold, though, probably just 24K plating (which is still soft and easily scratched). As to what is underneath, it could be a large number of metals, including gold of 20K or less, but silver or bronze (very nice and hard) is common. Or even aluminium or steel.
  11. thanks ladies...but what about the slouch factor?
  12. My latest spa visit was $100...birkin touch-up... Could use my own facial...

    Clemence...will get slouchy...keep her straps "buttoned up" to minimize slouch...
  13. My Sa reckons 24ct gold plated (hence why it scratches so easily), told me to take the plastic off because he saw a bag one where the plastic was stuck on and couldn't be removed, so the customer ended up scratching the gold trying to remove it...I believe the acetone thing, but isn't it just easier to take the plastic off in the first place? Use that bag, if the plates ever get too far gone, have them replaced.
    Hello is right - I was told to store the bag how it cam efrom Paris - lying down in it's box - stuffed - this helps the shape for longer.

    As for what's under the gold plate? Dunno...brass, perhaps?
  14. it's 24 k plated gold......not sure about metal...and definetly take the plastic off.....that'll damage the hardware big time!!
  15. I think it is brass metal with 22K gold plating. The cadena maybe 18K gold plated since it seems to be lighter in color than the fixed metal hardware on the bag.