Questions regarding pictures

  1. Anybody know where I can get good quality photo albums for a decent and reasanable price?
    Also where can I print out out thousands of pictures for a decent price also?
    I am a true bargain hunter and i have yet to stUmble upon anything decent.
    thank you all for your advice.
  2. noone knows? please help!!!!
  3. Are all pictures different or is it thousands of the same pic?

    For an album you usually wants some decent quality too, Blurb seems popular (at least around here)..
  4. If you're looking to print out thousands of pictures and you have the time to do so, I'd suggest buying a photo printer. I have one by HP and it's amazing. It was a little over $100. It only prints 4x6 but there are plenty of other printers that print larger sizes.