Questions regarding let-trade

  1. I do not mean to duplicate a post, but I've searched and haven't been able to find the info I am looking for. Is let-trade separate from eBay? When they talk about feedback and using paypal, are they referring to eBay feedback? Could I click on a buy now icon on let-trade and purchase if I have never purchased through them before (I do have eBay feedback)?

    Last, sometimes when I click on an item it comes up with a description and gives the date code and size and the made in. Other times, it has no verbal description and it has "XXX" listed for the made in, date code and size. Is the item listed somewhere else in that case, or is my computer whacky?

    Sorry about the questions. There is no particular item I want to purchase there now, but seeing how fast the Speedies go, I wanted to ask in advance!
  2. they are are separate from ebay, but they do sell on ebay too
    their webiste is Authentic Louis Vuitton Reseller ~ ~ you can purchase right from there or from ebay.
    Yes if you email them first you'll have no problem with them, they are are great to work with.
  3. :yes: , if your looking for legit pre-love LV, KarenKooper is another great site to deal w/. Many people purchase from these two sites including myself;)