Questions regarding Denim

  1. So is there alot of denim that is made by Chanel and I am just not finding it or what... I have only seen like three styles in denim. I really like it but so far only like the cabas in it. Does it come in any other size than the large? I have a feeling that all my stuff is just going to sink in the middle and I hate that. I would really like a casual bag but I don't want the large cabas...:sweatdrop: decisions
  2. I'm fairly sure the denim cabas only comes in the "grande" size. I do agree though, I think the big cabas is too huge and I wish the denim came in the "baby" size.
  3. Actually, the denim cabas comes in both the large and XL sizes. The XL one is just a mammoth! I don't think there is any other current denim, but there are a couple of different authentic luxury ligne denim totes on eBay right now from '06. Both are very organized, with lots of inside and outside pockets. I have the multipocket one and I love it to bits!