Questions re: Perlee Pearls of Gold ring to stack with Cartier Love wedding band


Mar 9, 2012
I currently wear the Cartier rose gold 8 diamonds Love wedding band on my right hand and was thinking about getting the VCA Perlee Pearls of gold ring in rose gold in small or medium to stack with it. Also considering getting two smalls to stack one in front of and one behind the love band. There is no VCA store near me so I can't try them in person. Couple questions:

1.) Is VCA rose gold comparable to Cartier rose gold? I find Tiffany rose gold to be much pinker than Cartier rose gold so wondering how VCA rose gold compares.

2.) My Cartier Love wedding band is a size 53. If I was buying one small or medium VCA ring, I was thinking I should also get that in a 53. Does that seem right? But If I decide to buy two small rings should I size up?

Thanks for your thoughts. And I'd love to see any mod shots if anyone wears a stack like this.