Questions re light contrast topstitching on light color birkins

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  1. Do any of you have, or have you seen, white or light contrast top stitching on light colored birkins (eg, beige, camel tabac, gris touterelle, etc)? Do any of you have a special ordered birkin with non-standard topstitching? If you have seen one, but dont have one, what was your impression.
  2. Jedimaster, on my ficelle (light tan) lizard birkin there is white top-stitching. (Also on my etoupe Paris-Bombay). I could easily be wrong, but my understanding is that on the light tan or beige neutral colors, the stitching is always white. Regardless, I love the contrast of the white against the neutral. Hope this helps.
  3. Gold skins usually have white stitching as well. I often see it in Rouge H Chamonix and Thalassa Blue as well.
  4. My rose dragee birkin has white stitching.
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    My question was probably badly phrased - I mean, have you ever seen a special ordered light topstitching on the light colors for which its not standard (bisquit, beige, camel tabac, gris tourterelle) as opposed to the light colors for which light contrast stitching is standard (gold, etoupe, blue jean, natural chamonix). Sorry for being unclear. Kipp, I cant remember if ficelle is usually light topstitching or if yours was custom, but I agree, it looks great.
  6. Sorry I didn't answer your question, jedimaster---and I don't think I can answer your question now... need to defer to more experienced Hermes tpfrs. :smile:
  7. My tri-colour Kelly's Gris Tourterelle has light contrast stitching - not sure if it started off as white stitching, since it's pre-owned. It looks beige-like.
  8. I have SO'd a black birkin with white top stitching.
  9. yes.................

  10. Why are you asking ???
    Do you want to order a light colored bag with white stitching ?

    On light colored crocs the stitching is white too... ( beige rose, greige pale....)
  11. I am trying to decide whether to request one, yes.