Questions RE: leather on RHW bag vs. GHW bag?

Jun 4, 2006
Hello everyone, I have a quick question about the leather on b-bags with RHW vs. GHW. A few weeks ago I bought a Bleu Lavende Work with regular hardware at SCP. Then yesterday as I was visiting Vegas, I got my 2nd b-bday -- Anthracite Day with Rose Giant HW. I compare the leather and I think the leather on the Bleu Lavende Work is more distressed and shinier, vs. the leather on the Day bag is smoother and seems thicker. My friend told me that leather on bags with RH tend to be more distressed and shinier, and that bags with GHW is indeed smoother and thicker (not as paper-y). Is that true?

I think I like the leather on both bags, I do think that with the GHW so bag and shiny already, I would prefer the leather to be more matte and less shiny or otherwise it would seem a bit much if you kwim.

And I am just glad that I got the Day bag with GHW as they won't make anymore...although I think the price increase has been in effect (or no?), sigh...


Happy as Larry
May 10, 2009
By the Ocean
Leather will definitely vary between bags of same and different hardware. My new Papyrus RH Velo is exactly the same leather as another Papyrus RH Velo in the store from which I bought mine, and it is also the same leather as two other Papyrus RGGH Velo bags in the same store.

I think Bal leather is unpredictable, although some people feel that there is a difference between the leather on GH and RH.

Keep looking until you find your perfect bag.