Questions re: Hermes Picotin

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  1. Hi, I am new to Hermes. I have some questions likely Hermes experts/fans can answer:

    I am 5” tall, contemplating whether I should get Picotin 18 or Picotin 22. What’s your suggestion?

    Is Picotin 18 too small to fit in daily essentials, including a long wallet (I have the Clemence wallet from Louis Vuitton). It looks quite small based on online photos.

    I’d like to buy the Picotin in Etoupe colour. Is it possible to buy it with no SA relationship (i.e. order online)? If I email them, do they have a waitlist?

    What’s the current price of Picotin 18 and Picotin 22?

    Thanks for your help!
  2. I have 2 Picotin - both are 18’s. No, long wallet will not work, but I wanted a small lightweight bag and never use a long wallet due to weight, I can get a lot of stuff in an 18 with a small coin/credit card wallet- glasses, two other card cases, small makeup bag and leather envelope for receipts. I think the 18 is the cutest.
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  3. Thanks for your reply! Picotin 18 does look cute! Wondering how practical it is, if I can’t fit a long wallet in there. Maybe Picotin 22 meets my needs better :smile:. I was also thinking - Lindy 30 or Picotin 22? What do you think?
  4. I will go for the picotin 22 if you want handheld and Lindy 26 if you want shoulder. Lindy 30 will be quite big (but doable) for your height. Lindy has amazing capacity because of the design. Picotin 18 would not work unless you want to downsize your wallet.

    I would say etoupe 22 wouldn’t be too hard to get. I see them from time to time on the website. If you want to build a relationship with an SA for a quota bag later then I would encourage you to work with an SA. If you are only seeking for the picotin, I would both talk to an SA and look for it online.
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  5. Based on your height picotin 18 would work nicely, but if you must have a long wallet then picotin 22 would be the better bet. I am 5'6" and prefer the picotin 18 just because it's so darn cute and can fit all my essentials (small wallet, sunglasses, key pouch, iphone with case and lip products). Lindy and picotin are quite different bags, so just depends if you want something that is open and handheld, or closed up with option of shoulder carry. Both styles can carry a ton of stuff. Good luck with your choice~
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  6. I was thinking about the same thing - either Picotin 22 or Lindy 26! I did some more research. Picotin 18 looks too small (it’s cute, but not practical for my needs). Lindy 30 is probably too big for my frame. Lindy 26 seems great. It seems pretty difficult to buy one. Not readily available.

    On the other hand, I am hesitant to spend the money now. Why spend so much on a bag when I don’t even get to go anywhere anyway? It’s like I spend thousands of dollars with a bag sitting there? Lol.
  7. I was thinking about Picotin 18, but then no, I think 22 meets my needs better. Then, I think - maybe Lindy 26 is more practical? I have a toddler, and a handheld bag just doesn’t sound too practical to me. Lol.
  8. I used to have a P22 but rehomed it due to its colour (black). I now have a P18 - fits most things, including my Dogon long wallet - and I sometimes attach a strap to the bag if I want to go grocery shopping. I also have a L26 and L30. L26 is a great size and I find L30 a bit on the bulky side for me, but useful when travelling as you can thrown in quite a bit in the bag! I am now on a lookout for a P22 in bright happy colours!
  9. L26 definitely doesn’t come by as often as like a garden party or evelyne (not tpm) but I do see at least one every shipment. I would definitely ask so you can be selective about it because you are not in a hurry to get it.
  10. Picotins are widely available in store ( just ask ,as they might not be on display). Best to try them in store with your belongings ( thats what i do) and decide which size suits you best. Good luck deciding!
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  11. Hi, so I am new to Hermès and think about getting a Picotin 22 or 26.
    Does anyone know how easy or hard it is to find them in stores in Germany. I just called the customer service but the lady told me that they are not allowed to give information about availability in stores.
  12. It really depends on color, size, and shipment. They do come by but they get sold pretty quickly (especially picotin 18). I would call the store and work with an SA. Customer service usually can’t do much regarding stuff like this.
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  13. I think they are relatively easy to find...I got my Pico Touch awhile back but at Incheon int'l airport

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  14. I have a picotin 18 and could definitely fit in a long silk-in wallet when I had one: it would be about the same dimensions as your LV wallet. Pico is a lot roomier than you’d think, though I don’t know what constitutes your daily essentials.
  15. Thank you for the info! I have been browsing for Picotin 18, Picotin 22 and Lindy 26, but no luck on their website.