questions on the trouville....

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  1. I was set to get my speedy 30 and then I recently saw a trouville for resale. I really like this bag because I love the look of the speedy but I don't love sage and prefer structure. I thought the trouville has the speedy shape and more structure. But, I've read that some say the handles are too short to wear on the wrist and crook of the arm/elbow. Is this true??? The handles look longer than the speedy's handles to me. Does anyone know if there are indeed shorter. Also, is the trouville very heavy and lastly is it an equivalent size to the speedy 30? Thanks for any help:yes::yes::yes:
  2. HELLO!

    I used to own white monogram trouville but I sold it a few months ago.
    It was very, I mean VERY heavy bag, and because it is handheld it was not easy to use.

    The speedy really has longer handles than trouville. I have damier speedy 25 and bleck epi speedy 25, and they both have longer handles. Trouville will not be hold on your elbow.
    The size is about the same in epi speedy 25 and trouville.

    I´m sorry about my poor english, I write from northern Europe. I can easily understand your writings, but it is difficult to me write english. Hopefully this helps.
  3. I ask this myself about twice a year - whether or not to buy a Trouville. So far I have not; if I had to choose I would prefer the Speedy - that's the younger and fresher bag. I find the Trouville rather "old" or let's say classic or conservative. It's okay to have both of them but if you can have only one, then the Speedy!

    @Charlotta: Your English is fine, don't worry!!!
  4. I have a trouville mono and it is my work horse purse. It is my daily driver LV. I find it on the heavier side (I only recently bought my first speedy few days ago so I can't really give a true side by side comparison) but I have found it to be very very durable and size wise it fits my needs perfectly. I do welcome that the Trouville is more structured I do not care for floppy purses I like to set them down and have them sit up straight so to speak. The lining is also very durable its not cloth but plastic and resilient to scratches/marring...It will hold ALOT of things neatly...but due to this fact I do tend to pack it up and it does end up being heavy and harder to carry on the wrist...when on the empty side I will carry in the crook of elbow but it is a tight fit...I think the most beneficial aspect for me is the structure of it...easy to acess anything inside....
  5. i have the trouville and deuville. the trouville's handles are much smaller than the speedy and must be a handhled. very structured- i got it because my GF had one and she uses her every day and its perfect- somehow it got more supple.... i need to use mine more- but i find the speedy 30 has way more room---- the deuville is bigger... GL
  6. just to share my two cents.... i used to own the trouville and altho its heavier, shorter handles as compared to speedy, i'd still choose it over the latter coz speedy is way to common and i dun like it that its not structured. my friend has to put a piece of cardboard in her speedy just to maintain the shape. however, having said that, it all depends on what is ur main purpose and budget. if u want a handy bag which can hold lots of stuff, speedy is the choice and that is if u dun mind it being common. if u prefer something more classic, trouville is good but do overlook its weight. trouville can hold lots too and i love it for its many pockets. i can even put my make up pouch, wallet and umbrella! good luck to ur decision! :smile:
  7. thanks for all of the great input. I think both sound great for different reasons. I would probably go trouville but for the concern about the handles. Does anyone happen to know the difference in drop between the trouville and speedy. Thanks!
  8. i was in the same situation when i got my mono speedy 30. it was either that, or the trouville. like the description says, i find the trouville exactly like a compact version of the deauville. its more of a make-up and vanity case than a handbag, imo. and i agree that the handles have a shorter drop than the speedy.

    oh, but i forgot that you dont like sag.....the trouville will not sag. lol.
  9. trouville is the second bag I ever purchased. I had bought it instead of the speedy because back then i was shocked that the speedy was folded and I was looking for a more structured bag. I am able to carry my trouville just like the way i carry the speedy 30, on my wrist or forearm! its a well structured bag, easy to clean interior, 4 pockets in the interior, one outside pocket, zippers are lockable, plus the hardware near the handles is shaped in a matter that you are able to purchase a strap for it and carry it properly.
  10. hmm trouville was my very first LV purchase.. i got it cuz it looked so hawt on J.Lo in that AD! the handles are very short and its not as roomy as the speedy (I got a speedy sometime afterwards).. and i find that i'm more neat when it comes to the trouville where as for the speedy i just throw everything in. & the trouville's zipper doesn't open as wide it's kind of restricted? if u know what i mean.. trouville's dressier than the speedy.. juuuust get boooth :P