Questions on the multipocket and Stam

  1. Hello,
    I am getting ready to put my bags up for sale and I have some questions....

    First, I have a mint green multipocket that I have had for a while and I was wondering if they are still making that style. I haven't seen them in the stores, but there is one on eBay that is new with tags. Are there still bags available? Also, where is the serial number? I couldn't find one.

    I know the riri zippers are important to photograph, any other suggestions?

    I am also going to be selling a Black Stam Bag from last fall and I was wondering if I should wait until the fall to sell it. I thought it might do better since it a dark, heavy bag. Any thoughts?

    Thanks so much:smile:
  2. some MPs don't have serial tags. I think bags after spring/fall 05 started coming with serial tags, but not prior. And yes, MJ still makes this style.

    A stam will sell well any time of the year.
  3. Thanks for your reply.:smile: