Questions on the leather bracelets...?

  1. I'm new to Hermes and have a few questions regarding the leather bracelets... Okay, so I'm not entirely new to it, my mom has a scarf that is rather gorgeous and I must admit I borrow it too often! :smile:

    I'm interested in one of the leather bracelets with an H-shaped buckle, of the sort that wraps around (either twice or three times, but it isn't the Kelly one -- I'm not too crazy about the lock on that). However, the Hermes website, informative and gorgeous as it is, does not have any information on this sort of bracelet (I found out about them on another fashion related forum).

    I'm quite far from an Hermes boutique, although there are a couple in my state -- a day trip is unfortunately quite impossible, however much I want to go, as I am working pretty much constantly now (not that I mind, more money to spend on this!). Can I get them to bill my card over the phone and send it to me?

    On that note, how much do these run? I've only seen the orange and the black, thus far, and either of those might suit, but if there are other colors available I might well opt for one of those. If you own one, how do you like it?

    Thank you for bearing with me throughout this long and terribly formal post, and thank you in advance for your help. :smile:
  2. I'm not sure of the price on these but they will do a charge-send over the phone. Welcome and hope you stay and play!!
  3. I haven't seen the leather ones. Does anyone have a pic of it? I only know of the enamel ones.
  4. I have a link to a post on TheFashionSpot Forums (I hope the link is allowed -- if not I will take it down):

    That shows the orange and the black, with the H buckles prominently featured. It is sort of small, though.

    (Also, slightly OT: Greentea, what is that quote in your sig from?? I love it!)
  5. Here's the photo:

  6. Hapi double tour in natural and black barenia. I can get you exact figures tomorrow evening.
  7. Oh, thank you! It will be good to know the exact amounts. I knew someone on here would know! (And now... uh-oh, I'm seeing lots of gorgeous handbags in the other topics. This isn't addictive, is it? :smile:)
  8. IIRC the bracelet is called the "Hapi", they have it in large, which wraps around your arm a couple of times and small, which wraps around only once. It was on the French Hermes website but they took it off. The price of the large was EUR 145.
  9. Us $185.
  10. Oh, thank you -- that's wonderful, I was overestimating some. I'm guessing they come in the two colors I found only? I'm leaning towards the black.

    Yay! :smile:
  11. Black, natural, red, maybe orange?
  12. Do you guys think wearing a kelly double tour bracelet and carrying a Birkin is a bit too matchy-matchy?
  13. Nope.
  14. Good! I'm thinking about getting a Rouge H one. :heart: