Questions on the Herbag?

  1. What sizes do they come in? and how do you guys like it?
    What colors do they come in? I saw a red and orange one and find it interesting.
    Any help advice?
  2. Check out my thread on the Herbag because Kristie was nice enough to post some fantastic pics of all the different kinds. I was told some of them are being discontinued to make room for a new one but people have still seen them in stores. :shame:
  3. there's tons in the sydney store...let me see if I can find that thread.....
  4. Why, why, why does the SF boutique vex me??? :lol: I swear he told me I couldn't get it so I'd buy somethings else. :rant: Anyway, one of these days I gonna get one. :yes: So cute!
  5. Thanks for the responses.I eventually did manage to read the thread.