Questions on the Azur speedy..

  1. I really like my new damier azur speedy, but I am wondering how it will look once the handles darken? it seems like it would look way worse on the Azur cuz the bag is lighter color...can the handles be changed:sweatdrop:? Also, I've read from the MUA that the Azur canvas isnt coated?? I dont know if I should return it?:confused1:

    thanks ladies
  2. I like mine with a little darker handles. It hasn't taken long to change since I used that bag a few months ago quite regularly and I think it's gorgeous! And as far as coated or not, I'm not sure but it seems fairly durable if that's what you are concerned with. I can honestly say I haven't read any horrible comments about it on the board since it came out. I think everyone is fairly pleased with it, inclusive of myself.
  3. thanks for the link RoseMary,
    yes that azur looks great with the newly-not too dark patina, but I'm still wondering how's it goin to look like with darker patina? I've seen very dark patina on the Damier and the monogram canvas and they looked great because the dark bag match the dark handles, but not sure with the azur.
  4. Mine is holding up very well and it now has a slight patina. I think it will look very elegant when its darker. I have seen many white bags from other makers that put dark trim and handles on their bags right from the start and it looks great. Don't stress just enjoy your bag.
  5. I too was nervous about the patina and mine is still pretty light but I think it would look very nice with a darker patina too.

    My SA said that the handles can be cleaned but it costs a little bit and they will turn again.

    I say go for it and let the patina do its thing! That is what LV's are supposed to do anyway! :party:
  6. i seldom use my azur speedy for fear of getting it dirty :sweatdrop: because i really love the creamy color... my little boy accidentally stained my mini lin bucket with a red crayon...good thing it came off with baby wipes...i think i would've cried if my azur was stained like that.:crybaby:
  7. It holds up well and looks great with patina. Also, that was a rumor before it came out that the Azur canvas wasn't coated, it's coated just like the Damier Ebene is.
  8. I think it looks good!
  9. I'm one of the few that likes the very light vachetta I saw the pics of the bag with the patina and I think it looks great but not for me. So I think once my bag patina's to a certain shade i'm going to get it either cleaned or changed.

    But I say you keep the bag and enjoy it....because don't get me wrong the patina looks great. So enjoy it, it's a great bag.
  10. my friends speedy is getting to be dark honey color and it actually looks great.
  11. My azur speedy is changing now and I think it still looks nice. I was worried as well, but I'm happy with it.
  12. I think the contrast with the dark patina is going to be awesome!
    The canvas is definitely coated!
  13. I think it will look just fine once it starts getting darker
  14. my azur speedy has patinaed very evenly. vachetta patinas very fast here in the desert, especially since i ride my bike alot during the day and put my speedy in the front basket. i thought i would hate the azur with patina, but i really like it. you can always get the vachetta replaced if it gets too dark for your tastes.