Questions on petite shopper...

  1. OK I'm seriuosly considering on taking the plunge before the price inc. in Feb....I was TRYING to hold off on a Chanel purchase until I go to NY this fall..(bag.lover if you're reading this: this is all your fault!!! lol!!)There are no stores near me to try on bags and see them IRL but I have had my eye on the GST..After searching the forum I did come across some pics and know I would prefer the petite shopper....I have an SA I can contact, I just want to be sure of what to ask for..I want a beige color this color 'beige' or 'caramel' or ??? I don't want to sound like an idiot when I call...Does this tote have a 'medallion' ? I love the chain/leather strap....Any meaurements available? Also, are there any totes that might be a bit smaller than this? I stalk this forum but I can't keep all the different styles straight...I want a tote but I don't carry bag, cell phone, wallet, sunglass case....I know I would love the black/gold but I most likely will end w/ a black Chanel when I shop in NY...Plus I have plenty of black bags....I want this tote to go through the seasons so I think 'beige' will be a good choice...Any help will be great..If you have this what do you like about it? I'm at the edge..Just need a little push! Thanx ladies!! :heart: Emmy
  2. No the Petit Shopping Tote does not have a Medallion.
    It's a great bag, good luck!
  3. haha, good luck!
  4. I was a Saks in Palm Springs today and they have a beautiful petit shopper in the tan color with gold hardware.
  5. petite shopper measures...

    9.75in W x 9.5in H x 3.5in D
  6. yxk01...You crack me up!!
    mello_yellow_jen..Thanx for those measurements! Perfect!
    bag.lover..I saw those pics..Those are what put me at the edge...

    I'm trying to rationalize the purchase..Wasn't planning on this NOW..but realistically I would buy at least one in NY in the I would be saving some cash..right?....I love how I talk myself into these things...Still debating on the black w/ gold or the beige....Any opinions? :graucho: Thanx everbody..:heart: Emmy
  7. hey emmy! i can totally relate because i had the same dilemma with the black vs. beige when getting this petite shopper and ultimately decided on the beige...i figured it's really hard to go wrong with black while browns/beiges can be hit or miss...i thought this particular beige/gold looked great so took the opportunity to add a color to my collection...and that way, if there is a bag in a great style that you find later that looks the best in the black color, you can get another black bag then...:yes: good luck in your decision!
  8. ;) **Sigh** That's why I love it here....We just all are on the same page aren't we? I'll call from my cell when I run out for lunch on the petit...I've decided on the beige...Now watch it isn't available..Thanx for your input! You have officially enabled me!! :heart: Emmy
  9. yeah! i hope it works out for you emmy! i just looked on my box and the color was officially called "beige" so you can ask for that when you call...i have that same fear with the SAs thinking i'm an idiot...some of them can be so intimidating! :smile:
  10. ^ You are too cute! I feel exactly the same way...I'm going out now to call...My heart is pounding..why!?!? It's the rush of the pending purchase!!
    :heart: Emmy
  11. vicariously sharing the rush...let us know how it goes!!!
  12. Can't wait to hear if you get one. =)
  13. I got it!! Yxk01 gave me the info where she bought her black w/gold ps and it will be here by this time next week...I'm surpirisingly VERY calm so I know it was the right thing to do lol!!! Very excitied...A little nervous about ordering site unseen but oh the pressure!! But I really did save $$$ by purchasing now, right?!?! (YES Emmy..Good girl!!!) And of course I just had to ask about a matching wallet :graucho: .. you ladies know how I am.. She said there were two styles that matched the bag..I'll think about it and if I call her back today I can still get 10% off on that too..Oh yeah..I used my Saks card and got 10% of for being a Saks newbie!! I'm telling you the shopping s**ks where I am..Just awful! Thank you all for your help! I'll post pics when I get it! Oh and I had it shipped Fed-Ex w/ signature!! I've read some horror stories here & I didn't want to chance it..Not that I'm worried about it but w/ my luck some idiot would be following the truck & steal my bag...:cursing:

    Now I really can't concentrate!! Today I have to go look at frames for new glasses...Ha Ha they have Chanel!! Feelin' no pain!! :heart: Emmy
  14. congratulations again!!! a wallet would be nice...i like the quilted ones, but i also like the ones with the little CC button...not sure what they're called...anyway, hope the bag arrives safely! :yes: