Questions on Orders, Store Orders, and Special Orders

  1. Hi ladies, I need your expertise and knowledge again~ I'm actually asking this on behalf of a friend. I tried to find out for her by asking several different boutiques but as usual, I've been told different things by different SAs. Needless to say, I'm totally confused! Here are my questions:

    - How many special order is a person allowed a year? Is it one per store or is it one all around?
    - How many Birkins and Kelly orders can a person place at any given time? Is it one Birkin and one Kelly at each Podium or is it one Birkin and one Kelly the entire year?
    - When stores submit their orders during the Podium, do they put in the customer's name or do they only keep that at their local store level?
    - When stores submit SPECIAL orders, do the customer's name gets submitted as well or is that still local?
    - Is "ordering a Birkin or Kelly for the store" the same as ordering for someone on the waiting list?

  2. kou, for the first two & last, the rules vary by boutique & your own relationship/luck w/ that particular store. no clue about #3 & 4
  3. My answers:
    1) It's usually 1 Birkin for sure. I think you can order more than 1 Kelly if the store doesn't have their Kelly quota filled.
    2) You can place orders anytime. The store just keeps your info on file until it's time to order, which is only at Podium.
    3) don't know
    4) I don't think it's the exact same thing, but sometimes the Birkin/Kelly ordered for the store is first offered to someone on the waiting list (likely to be someone who didn't get their SO placed).