Questions on Metallics...

  1. When u have a metallic BBag what color are the loops that hold the strap? Also, is there a such thing as a Gold broze black leather BBAg in gold hardware
  2. The color of the hardware depends on the season. Those metallics produced from S/S 2005 (which were part of the 2004 Holiday metallics) have hardware that matches the color of the bag. Those produced from the F/W 2005 have shiny silver hardware.

    There is not a gold/bronze/black metallic bag with gold hardware. There was a pure bronze bag produced and a limited edition gold bag produced though.
  3. One more question on metallics -- was the tag on the 2004 metallics a leather tag (at least on the First), and on the 2005's was it leather?
  4. I bought a magenta bag on eBay and sent it back.. The hardware matched the bag. It did not appear real even though the seller swore that it was real.. Later that week the seller had two more of the same bag up for sale-it was fake. Now I ran across a black/gold/metallic bag /w gh from an individual stating that it came from the Irving Wallace estate and that everything else they have sold from them have been authentic.I called BALbh and BalNY and they say there was a limited bag like this but I still am unsure. What to do?
  5. The 2004 bags metallics had a metal tag (as I recall). I'm not sure which styles came with the metal tag, but I definitely know that the first had a metal plate.
  6. You can post the listing to the Authenticate This! thread in the Shopping section of the Bal Forum. The people there can help tell you whether the bag in the listing is real.
  7. I got a 04 holiday metallic first and it has a metal tag. The hardware and the bag match. And I did post it on authenticate this before purchasing. All the great ladies on there said it looked good! Definietly check there before purchasing especially on such a limited production bag.
  8. As Chuggie said, the 2004 Metallics have a silver tag that matches the color of the hardware that matches the color of the leather (i.e. magenta metallic bag > magenta metallic hardware and magenta metallic silver tag). The 2004 tag bears the letter "A", which is the season letter for the pre-spring and spring/summer 2005 collections, even if the 2004 bags came out at the end of 2004. The 2005 Metallics came out at the end of 2005, for Christmas, and they do not have a metal tag, just a plain leather tag with BALENCIAGA.PARIS written on the front and the usual numbers on the back (my City has 115748 - 3444 + made in Italy under the numbers). The 2005 metallics have all shiny silver hardware.
    Another difference: the 2004 metallics do not have notches in the rivets that hold the handles to the bag, while the 2005 metallics do have those notches.
    Hope this helps!
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  10. Thanks Kymara for pointing out in another thread that the info I have given is partial. So here comes another thing about 2004 Metallics. There is a difference between the normal sized bags' metallic tag and the Minis (the Mini Classique and the Mini Twiggy). They are both silver tags of the same color of the rest of the bag and the hardware, BUT: the tag of the Minis DO NOT come with the usual combination of numbers and letters engraved on them. So they will be only plain tags with BALENCIAGA_PARIS engraved, no numbers and no "A" letter on the front.

    I hope this other bit of information helps in authenticating these lovely bags!!
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