questions on Metallic gold on wallet

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  1. I wonder if anyone have Metallic gold wallet (im looking for 40719 Brass/khaki/gold in particular) and my concern is will the metallic gold color rub off? I heard lots of metallic color material actually rubs off.:confused1:

    2Nd thing is... have anyone seen this in outlet yet?
  2. There was a thread that Miss Evy started that asked about this wallet... Here's one response by sinniebunnie:

    i have the wallet in legecy leather. its very durable and a bit heavy.. the one you want is light and costs about 95 at the outlets. also if the kiss lock isnt tight coins fall out.. lol my coins fall out =(
  3. coins falling out?:wtf::tdown:

    thanks for the info!!
  4. There is quite a few "metallic" threads, you can do a search with keyword "metallic" and they will come up.