questions on look book?

  1. I was wondering if anyone knew the answer to what this meant in the look book?

    As you see the pictures of the purses, ect. it can say All stores-which to me means that the item will be available in all stores at such a date.

    Then some items example the Dentelle Pochette has a code LG4-6 instead of all stores. So what does this code mean?

    I thought of the Dentelle Speedy at one time for me but now have decided the small lockit in monogram is perfect for me but my friend wants the dentelle Pochette and another friend wants the ludrow and maybe the speedy but they talked and felt you probably have to see these items in person to really make up your mind.

    We were curious on what this code means???? I told my friends they should waitlist now but they are waiting a week to see if they can get more information on them this week when they go to LV.
  2. the code means the level/size of the store. the 4-6 stores are the bigger, more popular stores that carry more. for example in nyc- the lv at macy's is a 4 because they have shoes and some scarves etc. the bloomies one is a 3- they don't have that stuff.

    so not all the things in the look book are going to be at all stores. i want the dentelle ludlow but in the book it''s 4-6 stores. so my SA put me down for it at the macy's store. she thinks there's a chance they MIGHT get them in but shes not sure so she has me covered.

    hope this clears it up!