Questions on interior of Damier bags...

  1. I don't follow the threads on the Damier bags too much, so this could've been talked about already?

    When did LV quit "stamping" their name into the interior tag? The bag I have is "imprinted" on the tag. Or have they always been imprinted?

    Also, on the D ring, the little gold brad is no longer there (on the leather tab) like it is on the older models...

    Does it depend on where it was made? Or are all of the newer ones being done this way?

  2. which damier bags?

    damier speedy has a ring, stamping depends on the bag/style
  3. Oh! Sorry! Duh. :rolleyes:

    I have the Parioli.
  4. alto


  5. Thanks for posting! I guess it does depend on the style, date made, etc.
  6. Here's some interior shots of my Parioli (the flash made the color look funny). The date code is AR 0014, so it is from 2004. Is this like yours?
    HPIM2836.JPG HPIM2835.JPG
  7. Yes! Thank you! Mine is exactly like that and also from 2004. I guess I thought ALL Damiers would be done the same way but I can certainly see how different styles would be different.

    Thanks again for posting those! That was very sweet of you!