Questions on giving kids some independence.

  1. No question. But it is interesting that the SOR got a family to watch out now...they saw one in view and changed behavior. That's a good thing.

    There are parents who allow pedophiles to play slap and tickle with their children, so a family that comes to alert because of the SOR makes me smile.
  2. I too have this problem a bit i have a DS with ADHD (9) and DS (8) With high function Autisim aswell. We live in a gated community and so not awhole lot of cars pass by and kinda took it upon myself to know everyone on my block or atleast a majority KWIM but if my boys and DD (6) play outside i always have them stay on the block and i keep garage open and can hear them ect. I know sometimes kids just wanna be kids but it is difficult.