Questions on Gauffre

  1. Hi All -

    I am new to Prada... actually just bought one today and I know NOTHING about 'em! So I am hoping everyone here can assist me! (Many thanks in advance for that!)

    I bought the Prada Gauffre in Nylon - the Large Vertical Tote (zipper top, cross body strap) in Black. Here are my questions...

    How do these bags wear? (I did a search here but mixed reviews came back)
    Should I keep this?
    How can I wear this -- for the fashion impaired, what do you think?
    Should I keep this?
    I am not sure about the black... I have never been one for a black bag but...
    Should I keep this?
    Is it feasible that this is $1725 at NM and $1450 at Saks? (I think I see it on the Saks site for less - but in Lavanda and Bruciato only)
    Should I keep this?

    I think that is it...

    Many thanks to all!
  2. First of all..PICS!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Its very durable and worth every penny..I own 5 gauffres and adore them ALL!!!!!CONGRATS!
  3. Yeah we want picks!!!!! Congrats!--Dying to see it!:yahoo:
  4. Thanks, Jill and Emmy!

    Okay, here is a picture... I am not modelling it though - I STILL need to get dressed! :smile:

    Two more questions...
    What can I wear this with? Can this be a little hand held bag too? (Sorry fashion impaired here!)
    Is it feasible this is $1425 on Saks site and $1795 at NM? (The only reason I ask is I sorta' wanted the brown and it seems to be cheaper -- I wonder if it is the same bag!) Is brown more practical or black... hmmm....

    Thanks so much!
  5. They are different bags - the one on NM is larger than the one on the Saks site. Why not order the brown one from Saks and compare?

    I love them both - I have the smaller gauffre in leather - I've only used it once so far, but I SO loved carrying it!

    P.S. - I took off the strap...but it is a dressier bag. I don't see why you couldn't hand-carry this one - it would look great either way!
  6. I use my Gauffres BOTH handheld....and Long strap too..I ususally hold it in the crook of my arm and let the long strap hang..its kinda chic looking that way..LOL!
    LOVES this bag!You can wear it with ANYTHING!
  7. ^^Thanks so much! Just ordered it in brown! Gosh, I hope I don't turn into Jill with 5 (actually I do but my checking account will cry!)
  8. ^LMAO.......They were worth every penny..hehe!
  9. OMG Jill I totally agree!! (yeah--thought I was queer!!)

    Back to topic: I think that black gauffre will be great....easy to take care of and stylish at the same time.....Love it!! I have one just like that in my shopping cart right's a satchel though..Your's looks like it could be the Mama and mine could be the baby lol....I am w/ you on your thoughts..I hope she's a keeper! Post modeling pics!!!:yahoo: Here's the one I have in my shopping cart: I haven't hit the 'submit' button yet...
  10. ^^ I love it! HIT SUBMIT!! That is too cute! Also, today is Saks promotion day - the gift card event!

    This bag is about the same size as mine in width and depth but the height of mine is 4" greater! This bag is so cute! I say buy it! So far, I love mine! (I even ordered one in brown as well!)
  11. Well Emmy - did you buy it? It's no longer available!
  12. I know..I hope b/c I'm hording it in my shopping cart.:graucho:
    If I buy this bag I'm going to have to go on a purse ban and I don't know if I can do that!! :shrugs:
  13. ^ I have a Chanel coming from the Saks GC event today!!!! UGH!!! I need a handbagiatrist!!!
  14. You and me both! Since I got my gauffre, I also got a lovely previously-owned LV Alma - I just couldn't resist! Now I'm trying to stop...what I really need to do is weed out some of what I've got! :crybaby:
  15. The weeding can be fun... and kind of cleansing (at least for me!) Good luck, bisbee!