Questions on E/W flap. Help!!

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  1. How long is the strap? I read that there's single strap or double strap. Is that true? Can I sling it across my body? I tried the medium and small classic flaps but I find that it's abit too short to be slung crossbody. Can anyone enlighten me? Or best if you have mod pics of E/W slung across the body. BTW I am 5ft4in.
  2. I have a caviar classic east-west in black caviar w/ gold, which is 10 inches wide by 5 inches tall by 2 inches deep. The single strap (rather than the traditional double-strap) has a drop of 10 inches. It cannot be slung across the body. Not even close.

    On the other hand, there are some non-classic east-west styles in lambskin w/ bijoux chains that I've seen that have the double strap. I'm not sure whether the double-strapped ones are regularly available, or if they can be worn cross-body.
  3. I have the EW with the double strap but find that the strap is too short to wear it messenger style. The drop is 17" when worn single strap (I think the medium has a 16" drop).
  4. thanks ladies for your input! So I guess E/W is out of the question for me if I want a bag which I can carry messenger style. Does that mean the only chanel bag which can be carried messenger style is WOC? But I find it too small.
  5. i have seen some ladies carrying the m/l cross body but i find that it sits too high for me...

    the mini flap can also be carried messenger style. fits more than the WOC :smile:
  6. A few of the reissues can be worn messenger style -- the 225 reissue size can be worn messenger style and I think some of the other sizes too.
  7. thanks jayjay77. I already have a 226, so tot of getting a classic flap. anyways, i have decided on getting a mini flap. hope i can still find it in stores! :biggrin: