Questions on Classic Q Baby Aidan

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  1. Hi ladies, I know this is a popular bag and I did a search and looked at various threads, but I'm still not sure whether to pull the trigger.

    I don't carry a lot, does this bag look silly when it's not full?? I love the shape I just worry if it's too big for me. I just turned 31 and I find that when I choose smaller bags they look too juvenile...does that make sense??

    Would love your opinions and/or any mod pics you might have. Thanks :flowers:
  2. Hi Belle 79! I have a few Baby Aidans and love all of them. It's pretty roomy too. What I noticed is if you put alot of stuff it does get heavy and saggy looking. I think you will be fine since you don't carry much. Good luck!
  3. Thank you, I am going to give it a shot!