Questions on Cinda bag

  1. Hello everybody!

    Yesterday I went to the Mall outlet near Florence, and came home with a great bargain: the leather Mini Cinda bag in Sienna colour:yahoo: ! I've been hunting this bag for nearly 1 year and a half (well, actually not the mini and not this colour), and when I saw it, I knew I had to buy it! It was a great bargain, considering that it was 63% off the retail price.
    My questions are 2:
    1) do Burberry bags come with a tag with serial number (mine doesn't seem to have, maybe because it's from an outlet??) and
    2) Do you know why this bag is called Cinda? My BF and I kept asking ourselves...
  2. Burberry bags don't come with serial numbers.

    They do include a plasic card inside the bag with instructions of how to care for the product i.e keep in dust bag whenever possible.

    Let me get back to you about the name of the bag.

  3. Well, Burberry bags did have serial numbers in the past. I'm positive about this. It's on the back of the small leather tab inside the bag. Usually on the front side you see something like "Burberry London", and on the back a number like "S 05 02" (this may not be a valid number. I just made it up based on my memory). Their serial numbers are not unique for each bag. I think it's more like a model/year/season type of thing.

    Burberry now do not have serial numbers on the back of the tabs any more. I have a Cinda, and I don't remember seeing even a tab saying 'Burberry Prorsum', but I'll need to check later to say for sure.

    Hope this helps.
  4. I just checked the 5 Burberry purses I own, all AUTHENTIC -either purchased at Nordstrom, Saks and/or The Burberry outlet and on the back of leather tab it reads -made in Italy. However, one of mine purchased at Nordstroms has a T-02-1 or was it t-02-01 under the made in Italy...otherwise, NO referece to a serial number...I can check my wallets too but I am sure I will find the same thing....hope this helps!!!
  5. I just checked my Burberry bags too, 2 Burberry London and 2 Burberry Prorsum - For the Prorsums, there is no serial number at all (and one of them is a red suede Cinda); for the Londons, both of them have "Made in Italy" and a serial number on the back of the small leather tab.

    Hope this helps, :smile:
  6. Thank you all.
    The leather tab in my Cinda just says "Burberry Prorsum" and is completely sewed to the inside of the bag, and it doesn't say "Made in Italy". Maybe because it's from an outlet? Anyway, I assume it is made in Italy, as I bought it in an outlet near Florence.
  7. the burse I have doesnt' have a serial number either and it is real ;)