Questions on care and feeding of my first balenciaga!

  1. Yesterday I purchased my first balenciaga--a city in Rouge VIF!!! I love, love, love this bag and now want to make sure that I care for her properly.

    I have heard references to appleguard, and I do have the lotion. Should I be using the lotion or the spray. I'm assuming the lotion...? If so, how often?

    And, should I also waterproof my bag? I used up all of my AG spray, but I do have shining monkey, which I have liked better when I used it on other bags. Will waterproofing damage my bag?

    Finally, what do I do with the mirror?

    Any other important tips?

    Thank you so much!
  2. Congrats on the new bag! Rouge vif is amazing. :love:

    Apple Garde is good to use on your bag. You should apply the conditioner now to protect it, then use the cleaner as needed. You can waterproof it if you like. It shouldn't damage your bag at all. But you can test it first on a tassel or the mirror if you are worried it might. also has great products for Balenciaga bags. You might want to check them out. A lot of PFers love their products. The mirror... I personally don't like or use the mirror. I just remove them and store all the mirrors at home. But some people leave them hanging or keep it inside the bag... :smile:

  3. I like my Bbags extra-tasselly, so I put my mirror in the outside pocket and let the tassels hang out and mingle with the pocket-zipper tassels.

    Congrats on your rouge vif city - I want one too!!:love: