questions on agendas...

  1. i am wanting to purchase an agenda. i need one with just the regular pages (not dated) to keep up with editors and all of these things i'm encountering as i enter adulthood. i was looking at them here the other day, but can't seem to find the thread with prices.

    i want either the second to largest or the largest ulysse.

    do these only come in togo?

    what is the price (i don't remember exactly, but remember they were reasonable)?

    why are the prices so inflated on eBay? are they extremely difficult to find?

    are there any suggestions as to what "normal" paper i could use in them? i could stand to buy the hermes twice a year max...any more and i would feel silly at my age/income bracket.

    thanks so much.
  2. I've got the medium sized Ulysse agenda (i believe it's the PM).
    It cost me £90 and the empty paper refills cost £25.
    They come in Togo and come in a variety of colours (I've got gold).
  3. I also have that size of Ulysse, though I thought it was called the MM? I know there is one smaller size, but that's the TPM so who knows, LOL. They come in lots of colors, but I think they only come in Togo leather.

    Right now, the empty Ulysse is about $165 plus tax in the US, and the plain paper refill is $40 plus tax. The inserts snap into the leather cover, so as far as I am aware there is not really a way to use a non-Hermes paper.