questions on a couple bags...dwts & fabulousness


Feb 6, 2008
dwts....does the strap that wraps around near the top make the opening narrow? I have a Kooba Elisha and dont love how the bottom is so wide and the opening is much smaller says its a large bag but the dimensions dont seem to does it hang when its worn? does it bunch up some or hold its shape? How well do the straps stay on (I always have problems with straps slipping)

Im trying to decide which caramel bag to get and it would be one of these or moving on up. Also like biker babe and french nanny but prefer some outside pockets which I can overlook on the dwts due to the detailing



~*~ addicted ~*~
Feb 26, 2008
Sukey.. I can't speak to the DWAS but I can for fabulousness...

The bag pretty much keeps its shape while worn... very E/W; though perhaps with more wear it will become smooshier and sag a bit? The bottom is a wide piece of leather though so it truly has a flat bottom which helps with the shape! It is a large bag but not very tall; meaning, folders and things stick out of the top of it yet you can put a ton in it because it is so east/west in style. The straps stay on wonderfully, even if the bag is super full.