Questions on a Chelsea style

  1. I received a Coach bag for Christmas. It was purchased at Macy's but it isn't listed in the Coach drilldown (I get a message from Coach saying that I have accessed a page that has been recently updated).

    The price tag on the bag is labeled "Che Sig Brd Sm Flap" (Chelsea Signature Braided Small Flap?) and the style number is 11013 but there is no bag on the Coach website with this exact name or number. It almost looks like a blend of the Chelsea Optic Signature Small Flap (COSSF) and the Chelsea Signature Small Flap (CSSF) - it has the fabric of the CSSF but has the braided strap and the lower corners of the bag are fabric like on the COSSF (the corners are leather on the CSSF).

    Would this be an older style bag - does this explain why I can't find it on the Coach website? I happen to know Macy's had about 20-30 of them because I exchanged the original one due to a problem with the braiding of the strap (and the SA mentioned there were plenty in stock). :confused1:
  2. No its not old but it is just for department stores. I was in Macy's yesterday and I saw that bag (but the bigger version).... I went into the boutique and asked about that bag but it wouldnt come up. I did find it on I love that it has tthe silver hardware!
  3. Thanks for the info - I didn't realize that dept. stores would have different versions than the boutiques! I love the hardware, too. The bag is pretty "squeaky" (esp because of the braided handle) but I love the way it looks and my BF picked it out for me so I really don't want to exchange it!!!
  4. I have the large version and I love the braided handle, it helps hold it on my shoulder too! Congrats on a cute bag! (Not that I'm biased).
  5. Hi Lizbet! I was back at Macy's and as I walked by Coach I talked to a salesperson about the handle on this bag. I explained how loud mine is and asked if that should go away with use - she went and pulled out the large version and the handle wasn't at all creaky or squeaky! She thinks it odd that mine is noisy (although it seemed like she didn't believe me, but I swear it's loud!). I know another small one was the same way, but the floor models I saw today are not creaky/squeaky. Was yours noisy, too, when you first got it? I've yet to remove the tags because of this - and I'm simply dying to use it!!!

    (Btw, I love the black leather bag you have in your collection photo!)
  6. The braids do squeak a little. It's good thick leather so it's quite tight but not overly noisy. You said yours was the small flap? Mine is the large, so the leather is correspondingly longer, and it might be that the shorter straps are stiffer and will take a little longer to work out. It's a really cute bag so if the noise doesn't bother you, just give it time.

    Thanks on the Hamptons, I'm not sure what year it is but it's a Hamptons Carryall style 11199. I had to get it on eBay (gulp) because I could not find it locally or online anywhere else. It's my new good luck charm to find a new job since it's the perfect work purse!
  7. I broke down this morning and finally decided to try a bit of leather conditioner (carefully, to avoid the fabric!) - first I applied a touch on the rings and spun them to lubricate underneath the leather loop where the rings and leather attach and rub together) and that worked so well I did a little on the braided strap, too. OMG, so much better!!! Still a little noise but pretty much what I'd expect from braided leather (and which doesn't bother me) and so now I'm happy and can't wait to use it! The tags are coming OFF and I'm using it TODAY!:yahoo: