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Little sheep 988
May 17, 2008
Hello Hermesee!!
I would like to add a Kelly 25 in my collection of Hermes. Thus far, I have three Hermes bags as below: 1)Birkin 30CM TOGO Orange with gold H, 2)Hermes Constance Mini 18 CM with silver hardware in Rose Azalee Evercolor, 3)Lindy Evercolor Flamingo Pink 26CM
I am opened to color, my friends told me that I look better with "colorful" bags...maybe due to my height, only 5 feet tall:smile: I don't wear jeans normally, I wear dress daily.But, I am thinking of getting black color Kelly with gold hardware, but not sure how long I will need to wait. Also, I think black is a bit boring.
should I get neutral or just get any color that Hermes offers?. Will the Kelly 25 can be worn across body, also will you choose Sellier or RETOURNE, or it does not matter? Thank you for all your comments!
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Jan 3, 2010
My first kelly was a sellier and then I added a retourne after. Different bags with different vibe but both are beautiful. I guess it is up to you on what look you are going for. Both can easily be worn with dresses. I wear my K25 crossbody only if I have to. I think it looks pretty handheld or on the shoulder.

Black is always a good choice, and it is never boring. :smile: And as with anything in Hermes, it might be a long wait for a black and there are other dark neutral color options like blue nuit, vert cypress, raisin, etc if you want a darker shade. However, k25 is such a fun bag that colors are nice too! :love:
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Jul 5, 2017
If you feel black is boring, take a look in other dark colors, like Vert Cypress for example. I bought a Constance in this color and I just love it. You can wear K25 crossbody but I don’t think it looks good, the strap is short, with my K25, I bought the Sangle strap for when I want to use it crossbody. I have it in Black Swift Retourné and I love it, it’s my favorite leather, And I don’t like the sellier format, Retourné also holds more stuff
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Oct 25, 2012
K25 is a fabulous bag. I have a Retourne etoupe and a Sellier in black. Each has a very distinctive vibe and I have used each for casual or dressy occasions.

With Sellier, you need to be mindful of corner damage. You don't want the bag hitting anything and denting the corners up. With that said, it might not be the best bag to choose to wear crossbody. Retourne holds a slight bit more and would be better suited to use crossbody.

Color is very personal. If you want black, get black. If you want a color, get a color. I would suggest contacting your SA and let them know you would like a k25 (specify Sellier or retourne) and maybe you are open to black or other colors. Seems like you have pink and orange already so exclude those colors. With Kellys, you can always buy a colorful t strap (Hermes or other brand) to mix in a different color. With Birkin, you don't have that option.

Hope this helps! Good luck deciding
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New girl

Jan 22, 2020
I also wear dress daily and hate wearing jeans or pants. My collections are colorful and vibrant. I too think black is boring for Hermes and it’s difficult to see how pretty the leather is. I have K28 in rose pourpre and blue atoll which I found easy to match with dress. My wish list is K25 or K28 etoupe GHW Sellier. I think it looks very pretty with dress or skirts, especially when pairing with a twilly and rodeo charm.

if I didn’t have B30 in lime, I would have been hunting for K25 in lime/jaune de Naples.

Rose confetti GHW Sellier is also on my reserved wish list if I happen to get an offer before the etoupe.
Dec 28, 2007
Jardin sur Le Toit
I am 5” like you and am always in dresses. Never wear jeans and hardly wear black or long trousers. I have a mix of Retourne and Sellier K25s and I cherish them all. Please choose a colour that would get the most use. Not everyone needs or uses black as much as expected. However I find I have Black K25s both in Retourne Togo and Sellier Epsom. Both give me totally different looks and because I am petite, I can wear them crossbody even with the regular strap. So choose a colour which you would wear a lot and also the style which you prefer - completely casual or a slightly more formal option. HTH! :heart: