Questions...New to chanel, don't laugh! :)

  1. I have never priced chanels. I don't own a chanel. I am thinking about buying a flap but last time I was in the chanel boutique I saw a small metallic flap looking bag and it was right around $600 (on sale). That was right after thanksgiving when I was there (minneapolis). Chanel runs sales, am I correct? I am wondering does chanel allways have bags on sale or is it just certain parts of the year. Kind of like Nordstrom they allways have bags on sale but they still have their full priced ones. Now was that $600 chanel I saw rare or do you see deals like that all the time when you goto your chanel boutique? Seeing the $600 bag I was hoping not spend anymore then $1,000. Is there any bags there that are $1,000 not including sales? Have you ever seen a bag thats less then $1,000 including sales? Any information or bag suggestions are great. Thanks! :smile: haha....
  2. the seasonal bags do go on sale sometimes at dept. stores like NM, Saks, etc.. but the classic permanent lines never go on sale! sorry im not much help, but thats all i really know in regards to pricing.. maybe a more experienced tPFer can chime in with more input HTH~
  3. The seasonal bags that do not sell well usually go on sale. Most of the other bags sell far as I know it is very rare to see a nice bag on sale at the previous poster stated Classic Chanel bags never go on sale, the prices only go up (2 price increases per year, i think) Also seasonal bag prices usually creep up a bit each year. Usually its the ready to wear and shoes that tend to go on sale a lot, I don't even see much of the smaller accessories (belts, wallets) go on sale. So if you see a nice bag that you want for $600 then it's definetly a good deal, since I have never seen a Chanel bag for so cheap!

    Is the bag metallic leather?
  4. The cheapest Chanel bag I bought was $1000 like 4 years ago and I ended up returning it since it was too small for any use. I would probably buy a vintage/used bag since they seem to be cheaper.
  5. Nordstrom puts their Chanel bags on sale twice a year. The first markdown is 40% and if there are any left by the second markdown, they go to 60%. So, an average Chanel now runs you $2500. If you score it during the first markdown, we will get it for $1500. Second markdown will bring it to $1000. However, that being said, the Chanel bags (the occasional good sale bag) almost never make it 60%. It's usually a mad rush to purchase them at 40%. The ones that go to 60 are either returns or really strange looking bags. The markdown never goes past 60%. Also, if you are looking for a leather bag, it has to be at least two seasons old before it gets marked down at all. If you ever find a Chanel bag on sale for $600 (that you like) I would snatch it up - because it's rare.
  6. ^^I agree!
  7. A few years ago the Cambon (pink/blacks) went on a crazy sale and bags were in the 300-800 range after the sale. I scored my first ever bag there.

  8. do you know when this sale will be???