Questions from Newbie - part time satchel?? - vert thym?? Help!



Hi! I just joined the forum and posted the other day about searching for my first Balenciaga bag.

I really wanted one in the Vert Gazon or Violet colors and started calling around today. I found one at a department store in the Vert Gazon that the sales person is telling me is a 'part time satchel' - she says that is looks different from a part time but I can't find it in tPF style reference - is anyone familiar with this style?

Also, I found a city bag in the Vert Thym, which I am not familiar with - is this one of the new 2008 colors?

Thanks for your help! Megan :yes:


Jan 5, 2007
South Florida
I believe there is only one Part-time style. If you check the Clubhouse section, there is a thread that is devoted to only Part-times. A Vert Gazon PT is a rare find. I believe a tPF member recently saw one from Barney's.

As for Vert Thyme, it is a 2008 color. I am surprised to see it out already. The 2008 colors aren't due to come out until sometime in December. Which store did you see it at?


Oct 7, 2007
you could try to find out the hardware type and the retail price and refer to the pricing guide to narrow down which bag it is.


Thanks for your help! I settled on a city bag in violet. I was originally set on a green one, but the violet is just so gorgeous I couldn't resist - I am so excited to get it!!!

Anyway, one of the sales associates at the store in Boston where they had the Vert Thym did send me a picture of the bag (I think it was a City in Vert Thym). I compared it to the swatch and it looked like it was the new color so I guess they got an early shipment? Anyway, it is a gorgeous color but the violet was irresistable! :smile:

Thanks again for your help!