Questions from Counterfeiters...Responding Might Help...

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  1. So this week I was selling a couple designer bags! Well I got one of those stupid questions that was basically a sales pitch for illegal counterfeit bags (you all know the ones!)!
    Well I rudely responded to it saying 'Go away fakers I'm reporting you' or something to that effect. I normally don't though!

    Anyhow...the next day I get an email in my ebay messages saying 'I got an email from you saying 'Go away fakers...' I have contacted ebay and found out my account was hacked. Thank you for responding so I would know and I apologize for the inconvenience it caused you.'

    How nice of the guy....and I'm thinking that if someone hadn't responded he would have had no way of knowing his account was hacked!
  2. I have had that before where I have emailed back and someone has responded saying they have had angry emails back fromsellers and they were sorry but there account had been hacked!
  3. I didn't know that those messages are from hacked accounts. I alwayts assumed they were just spam. Thanks for sharing.
  4. I was actually the victim of this myself... here's what happens... you are either bidding or selling a high end bag. Someone sends you a question and you respond. Then you may get some email, could be a day or whatever later. You think it is from Ebay and log in... bam, they have your log on. Now, in my case I was selling an LV and the second I hit that last pw number I knew that I was not logging into Ebay. Well, within a few minutes bids were cancelled on my auction and the ppl who were bidding all got offers for this purse off the Ebay site etc. It's a vicious cycle. I was lucky the warning bell went off so quickly and I changed my pw FAST. However if I had not, then they had my account hijacked.
  5. Sorry but what is pw?
  6. pw- password!
  7. OMG of course!
  8. A seller of an item i was interested in, responded to one of those emails and she happen to post it on ebay for all to see. Silly me i clicked on link and because i had multiple ebay pages opened i logged in and within seconds of the url changing i realised it was a fake. So i quickly made an online enquiry with ebay and changed my log in details. It just scared the sh*ts out of me lol
  9. Yeah blu, it does scare you! The second after I hit that last key, I had this drop in the pit of my stomach and I IMMEDIATELY (as fast as I have EVER typed change my pw)... they still were able to do that damage that fast though.
  10. OMG, i can't believe all these horrible! with ebay it seems like you can't ever let your guard down, many ways ppl get scammed, as a buyer and as a seller. it's sad....