questions from a newbie

Apr 28, 2011
hi!! im a recent addict...all i was into was LV bags and i was always of the mind that LV slgs are useless because why not spend a couple extra and just get a new bag? but now im OBSESSED with slgs because i want everything to be LV and pretty for me :graucho: anyway if you could all help me with some silly questions:

what are pochettes used for? are they only so you can organize things in your bag?

what is the difference between a cles and a key pouch? or are they the same? i cant find anything called a cles on the LV website?

what is a mila clutch mm (it sure is pretty) do u use that as a pochette and is there a size difference?

also does everyone prefer a pochette or a mini pochette?

thanks i hope you dont find me very hoping to make a nice list of the SLGs i would need the most and then save up for it :yahoo:


Apr 14, 2011
- Pochettes are used for whatever you want. You can use them as a bag organizer, a clutch, or just a small bag for your cellphone and wallet when you don't need a large bag.
- Cles and keypouch are the same thing.
- A Mila Clutch is as the name suggests, a clutch. But then again, you could use it for whatever you want. The sizes are on the LV website if you want to make sure.
- I prefer a a full sized pochette.

Hope that helped!


Obsessed and in LoVe
Feb 9, 2010

Pochettes come in two sizes. Some people use them as bags in their own right, but many people use them as pouches inside their other bags - they're handy because their chains can be attached to the D-rings inside many LV bags.

A clés and a key pouch refer to the same thing (though there are different sizes/styles of these). Clés is just French for 'keys'.

Can't help you with the Milla, really, but I've seen pictures of it and I'm sure it can be used as both a bag and an accessories pouch, just like the pochette and mini pochette accessoires!


May 28, 2010
You could use a pochette for the following:

(1) Make up/cosmetic case
(2) Camera/phone case
(3) To separate essential items such as cards, keys etc as to avoid them getting swamped and lost at the bottom of a bag
(4) Pencil case
(5) Substitute for a conventional wallet
(6) A small clutch for evenings out such as bars/clubs where you don't want to carry a big bag or for small trips out like errand shopping etc.

SO basically ANYTHING... the choice is endless, and the pochette is so versatile. I use mine to carry my phone, driving license and receipts.

Hope that helps


Jul 16, 2009
I love pochettes- I only have two of them- a Cerises (cherry) and a White MC (multicolore). I use the Cerises as a makeup bag and the MC as a small purse for going out/concerts. You can also buy an extender for the pochettes to make the strap longer. If you buy pre-loved you might be able to get a good deal.

LV also has some really nice cosmetic cases--if you don't want mono you can get them in vernis (varnished leather) or multicolore. These tend to be a little pricey though especially with the increase.

I love slg's and have started up my addiction again for those:biggrin:


Apr 14, 2011