Questions from a Newbie Coffer Lover...

  1. I am on a quest to learn about the Coffer from the!

    Three questions:

    1 - Must you latch and unlatch that clasp each and every time you use the bag..or can that piece just flap over and be ok?

    2 - Can you get into the two front pockets pretty easily with the bag latched closed..and are they big enough for a cell and keys?

    3 - Where in the world might I find a decent priced Caramel Coffer?? I am going to hunt one of those babies down like Sherlock Holmes.

  2. Yes, you can leave it unlatched, but my opinion is that it looks nicer latched.

    The pockets are super easy to get in and out of and with the bag closed. The pockets are really nice and deep. You can easily keep a cell and keys in just one pocket and another cell and set of keys in another pocket :smile: I usually keep a cell and keys in one pocket and a blackberry and datebook in the other. I LOVE the pockets on Coffers.

    I'm not an expert on where you can find what colors. I'm sure others can help with that!
  3. Sherlock , I guess you already checked this one ;)
  4. ....ploppp..the link...

    Artikelnummer: 250216544423 on eBay
  5. I did see that one and had it authenticated in the forum. Miu cautioned me on the condition, saying it was quite darkened..and she is right. While I love the color the back of that bag is in very sad shape, certainly not something you could sell easily.

    Thank you very much for pointing it out, you girls have eagle eyes. *s
  6. i have a question... what is teh difference between matalesse and coffer?? :S cause on NM its called matelasse and on net-a-porter its coffer, but they look the me to me.

    also can the handle go over the shoulder? is it long enough?

    thanks in advance.
  7. Good questions.....answers anyone?
  8. I believe the coffer is that one specific style but matalesse signifies the ruching/quilting.
  9. Exactly sckcs!! I don't know where the name Coffer came from to tell you the truth because all of the authenticity cards from my coffers say Sacca and Matelasse on them. Nowhere does it mention "Coffer".
    However, in Greek Sacca (sakko) means something like "seller or maker of bags".
    Matelasse is what sckcs says.
    Coffer means "a chest where money or valuables are kept".
    That's all I know. :shrugs: